ARS Movimento Culturale


2011:  "The first exhibition took place in the important location of the Jan Garemijin Hall in Bruges"

In June 2011 ARS exhibited in its first international show "The colour of the world," which was a great success.

The exhibition took place in the Jan Garemijin Hall, an important location in Bruge, a city which has been declared UNESCO world heritage. The show had an incredible influx of public and a lot of sales, to the satisfaction of the artists as well as the organizer.

The art works were promoted through a catalog in four different languages, which permitted ARS to reach a wider range of public. The event was mentioned in art magazines, radios and tvs. 

In November the attention of ARS was focused on the current issue of the return of nuclear power to Italy. A selection of international artists displayed a series of works which were the result of a reflection about the world energy issue, represented by the research for an effective solution to fill the energy needs of a world population that is constantly expanding.


 2012:  "The exhibition season opened with the important presence of ARC at the Rome Biennal"


The exhibition season opened with the important presence of ARC at the Rome Biennal, followed by the polyhedric show “Abstract and Informal” at the “PENTART” gallery in Rome Trastevere.

More than forty international artists were part of the group exhibition that took place in the "Grachten Gallerie Utrecht,” Holland in June.

The winter season will see the second edition of the International exhibition by ARS in October, at the impressive Jan Garemijn all in Bruge, a lovely town, and the Flemish art and cultural centre.

In conclusion, in December Ars and its artists will be headlining the show “ Art and the economical crisis” in the prestigious location of “Castel dell’Ovo” in Naples, where the displayed works will be a reflection of the artists point of view concerning the international economical crisis.