ARS Movimento Culturale

The Chromatism in Europe ~ BRUXELLES

October 22th-November 9th 2014
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Dear Artist,

as president  of the Cultural Movement ARS are pleased to invite you to take part in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art by title

" The Chromatism in Europe "

The event will take place from October 22 to November 9, 2014 , with opening scheduled for 22 October at 18:30, at the prestigious exhibition space of the Art Gallery Espace , 35 rue Lesbroussart - Brussels , renowned art space in the Belgian capital .

Each artist will be given a full page.

The  accession must be made by 18 January 2014.


For any further information , refer to the full announcement attached , remaining at your disposal for any further information at the address indicated therein.




                                            Elena Ducu


Chromatism in Europe

“Chromatism in Europe” is the title of the new group show, organized by Ars Cultural Movement from October 22nd to November 9th. Once again the exhibition embodies the main principle of the movement: democracy in art. The group of artists represented by Ars is eclectic and versatile. It is formed by extraordinary personalities, stemming from manifold personal, geographical, philosophical and artistic paths. The artists of Ars express themselves with different techniques and artistic languages, varying from painting to graphic, from photography to sculptures and installations.


“Chromatism in Europe”, by celebrating colors, celebrates the whole realm of art, and the sense of “community” that is integral part of Ars. In the choice of artworks proposed for the exhibition, artists reflect on the very nature of the medium and of its specific tools (first of all the use of color), creating thus an open dialogue among the artists and between these and the public. You will find artworks developing from the observation of our world, but also from the inner universe of the single artists: historically, socially, as matter, as symbols. Through art, each artist shapes his/her imaginary world, and opens the doors to new dimensions of thoughts and of expression. 


The exhibition will take place in the lively city of Brussels. After Paris, Bruges, London, Rome, New York, Naples, and Utrecht, Brussels seems the best place to represent the open and International heart of the association.

Small and intimate, Brussels is also International, dynamic and lively. It is a melting pot of cultures, languages, lifestyles and art. Metaphor of harmony and respect for diversity, Brussels is headquartering the EU and the N.A.T.O. It is projected towards the future and has its roots in the common European history. This multiplicity becomes apparent in the multi-language and multiethnic streets that compose the city’s topography, from the wonders of the old town to the futuristic structure of the “Atomium”.


This International exhibition is organized by Ars together with Jerry Dalfosse, expert artistic curator of the “Espace Art Gallery”, in the heart of Ixelles, the elegant commercial center of the city.


In the era of “virtual clouds” and of real-time “sharing” (of News and personal moods), “Chromatism in Europe” is imbued with the best aspects of the contemporary spirit: open dialogues, personal discoveries, and respect for diversity.

Lucilla Trapazzo