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"Creativity from the world" BRUGES 2011

The Exhibition in Bruges was a huge success
in the prestigious Hall Garemijn, in the center of the Flemish city


The ambitious idea was to bring artists from different regions of the world into the famous Flemish city, the center of which has been declared UNESCO world heritage, therefore characterizing different cultural backgrounds.

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The choice of Bruges, cradle par excellence of the overshadowing Flemish figurative tradition, is full of symbolic meanings: artists from Italy and Belgium exhibited together, opening the door to the influences coming from the whole world during the globalization era.

The show was connected with the IX Rome Biennial 2012. A jury of three experts, with the direction of Prof. Hugo Sonk ( Aalst Academy of fine art, Belgium) selected three artists from the participants, who received the opportunity to gain access to the prestigious roman venue.