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Privacy Policy

How We Safeguard Your Private Data
We take your privacy seriously, and we want to make sure that you know how we safeguard your personal data.

Currently, we are not collecting personal information on this site. In the future, this may change - for instance, we may decide to offer an online newsletter, or provide a contact or feedback form.

Logging Software

We DO use web traffic tracking software to monitor our site traffic. This software keeps track of the ip address of the people and computers which request web pages from our web server. This information is not personal and does not provide us with any way of identifying which individual visited our website. It can be used to work out which parts of the world are accessing our site more frequently.

We also track the referring web page. This can show us which links are sending the most traffic to us, as well as what search engine queries are responsible for referring visitors to us.

None of this information is published or made available to third parties.


This website uses session cookies in order to function properly. The cookies are deleted after the end of the session (usually after a user shuts down their browser), unless your web browser has been configured to work in a non-standard way.

We do not track any personal information using these cookies, and they are not available to third parties.

You can block cookies for this (or any) site using the features built into your web browser, which are documented in the help files.

In the future, we may add additional analytical software to this site, which may use cookies in order to function. In this case, we will update this policy to inform you.