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Poetry and femininity characterize the works of Marilena Spiridigliozzi , artist and designer, creator Maison Mariel, appreciated in Italy and abroad, also launched recently in the Arab market. Marilena creates his clothes by hand painting on the fabric so that each creation is unique and unrepeatable. In his paintings the protagonists are women, with great physical presence and sensuality. Disturbing, with her long hair caressed by the wind and movements bewitching, kidnap him eye of the beholder. In some works their femininity is embellished with a sweet nature and poetics that wraps in a warm embrace. The photographic cut directs attention to the details included within the compositions and gives movement to the whole. In other works, the artist depicts delicate floral arabesques characterized by degrading tonal passages and flooded with light. In these works often a spiral pattern directs the viewer into the center the composition, enhanced by important details. Marilena is expressed with both the figurative and the abstract, creating works in which he reveals his passion for fashion.


Cinzia Folcarelli